We now welcome Jonathan to the west coast, and specifically right here with us at the University of Surfing, where we will now be offering this unique program! Fitness Surfing can be simply for the workout and physical benefits or it can also be taken in conjunction with learning to surf. No matter your choice, the time spent is specifically catered to the individual and their level of experience or fitness. Its an excellent way for those whom already surf to increase endurance in the water, especially for those competitive or those whom travel often and need to get the most of their time in the water. Individuals work on advanced paddling techniques to increase both endurance and strength and especially sprint paddles, so important for timing and right of way in the water. There are many other various exercises introduced in the water with focus on building core strength, balance, and agility. A surfboard becomes much more than a tool for surfing during this unique adventure.

Fitness Surfing has something to offer everyone. It’s a great way for parents to experience something new while the kids are taking lessons, or fulfill a desire to take your fitness to another level. There is NO need for prior surfing experience! Reserve your spot now, unique experience is now only available through the University of Surfing.


Jonathan Mayberry is a practicing fitness professional and has been teaching others to surf across the world for 12+ years now. He has a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and is also a Nationally Certified AFAA Personal Trainer. Its does not take people long to experience the fitness benefits of surfing and while living and working in the surf industry in Maui, Hawaii, Jonathan was invited to train with one of the kings of big wave surf, Laird Hamilton. Laird was also a resident to Maui and trained there often with his entire team, both in and out of the water. The training techniques in Maui were anything but typical and would include anything from running under 20 feet of water while holding large boulders, to paddling across inner island channels. Jonathan later moved to Cocoa Beach, Florida to help one of the largest surf schools on the East Coast expand, the Ron Jon Surf School. He spent quite a few years in Cocoa Beach and during those years he introduced “Fitness Surfing”, which has evolved into a popular training program.

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