Private Surf lesson in Pacifica

All Private lessons come with Pro Surf Instructor, numerous Surfboards, top of the line Warm wetsuit and booties. Private lessons times are pre set but available daily and can easily be changed with a simple e mail to or a phone call to 650 436 6603 or lastly you may also use the contact form below.

Surfing is Hard. The Amazing part about surfing is that not only is it the Best Thing Ever but it’s very good for you as well. There have been recent studies that show even the best surfers in the world, heat rate triples after a grueling paddle out to the line up as soon as they see a set wave heading there way. No matter how many times we do it, it’s still crazy exciting. Time seems to stop or at least slow down when you surfing, especially when you find your way into the tube.

Besides making the decision to learn to surf the next step is working on your Surf Up’s (aka pop up’s). If you learn you pop ups and find out what feels best to you then you are 15 minutes ahead when we hit the sand and days ahead when we hit the water. Besides working on your pop up the only preparation I could suggest is swimming. Lets Surf!

Everyone learns in different ways at different speeds so a group lesson can make learning specific’s challenging. The one on one attention that is allowed in privates can greatly optimize your learning curve. I suggest 2 or 3 lessons then go out on your own and surf. Usually after 10 to 20 surfs (its not practice, it’s surfing) things start to click a bit. At that point another private lesson is a great idea.

Lastly, another great thing about a private lesson is the options. When it’s one on one we can go up or down the beach to the ideal location. Group lesson are allowed only between the creek and pump house, no Boat Docks. In a private we can go wherever it is you need to be to get the best wave possible. We also have and amazing land or water photographer names Marty who would be happy to come shoot the lesson for $75. Or if you prefer the GoPro’s option we can shoot from the water or the front of our 10 foot Super Surfboard. For an additional $50 we can bring the gorpro and send you pics and or video.

Group Surf Lesson w/ up to 3 persons $100ea for 2hrs
Group Surf Lesson w/ 4 or more persons $75ea for 2hrs
Private Surf Lesson (one on one) $225 for 2hrs
Private Surf Lesson (w/ own gear and board) $150 for 2hrs

Surf lessons are run all year long. Unless otherwise noted, all surf lessons are all inclusive: Boards, hooded Hotline wetsuit, and booties are provided at no extra charge. Due to possible storms lessons may be postponed.