“Exhilarating First Surfing Experience!”

I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf. I can’t recommend this school enough. Here’s why I feel University of Surfing is the BEST place to go: We practiced 10 minutes on the beach how to do pop-ups & went right into the water. I must admit as a Midwest (Chicago) Native, I felt a bit apprehensive stepping into the cold, creature-filled ocean. The thought of Jaws, undertows & a slew of worries flooded my brain on drive over to Linda Del Mar Beach. I’m also still recovering from a back injury (car accident 3 yrs. ago) & worried I wasn’t in the best physical shape to pop up onto the board, let alone surf a wave. The U of S instructor, Tom- made me feel comfortable right away with his calm, positive demeanor, knowledge, and encouragement. With Tom’s guidance, I was able to pop up on my FIRST try! Tom had both myself & another student surfing within a matter of minutes!!! The ocean wasn’t unbearably cold or spooky either. The wet suit they provided was like new & kept me very comfortable. I felt safe, the water was clean, there were majestic whale sightings in the distance. My only regret is I didn’t go sooner. For $100 they provide the wet suits, board, gear and 2 hours of great instruction to get you surfing right away. I’m hooked & will be definitely returning as an alumni as soon as I can.

Visited August 2015