You have been surfing for at least a year or more and are stuck. Not sure if it’s your equipment or your pop up? Usually its a combo of the wrong equipment and bad paddling. If you let it, your board and the ocean will do a lot of the work for you. Let us come surf with you either at Linda Mar or your home break and we will help. Usually, there are a couple little bad habits that you don’t even realize you are doing that we can help fix. Ideally, you should be spending your surf session riding as many waves as possible. You should be getting tired from riding waves, not trying to get out in the lineup. For the coaching sessions, you are free to use your own equipment or borrow some of ours if you’re ready to try something new. Surfboard selection is so important. Just about every day, or even every couple of hours, the conditions change enough so that a different board could really help. So, be it a 9 6 long board, 6 ft Dumpster, 11 ft rescue board, electric surfboard, tiny ripper stick or SUP we can help.

Coaching with own gear
$100 for 1 hour or $150 for 2 hours

Semi private Coaching with gear
$75 each for 1 hour or $125 for 2 hours

Sign up now or call 650 556 6515

Coaching 2 hour Package Deal’s 2 for $250 (save $50) or 5 for $600 (save $120)

Semi private Coaching (no gear) $125 for 2 hours 2+ Private, you choose the time, get the best gear & private attention.

Intermediate Private Deal with Kevin Rhodes
10 one hour lessons for $750 or 5 one hour lessons for $600
Must have your own equipment and have passed Surf 101

Intermediate or Advanced Coaching $75 for 1 hour or $125 for 2 hours

Must have your own equipment and be able to surf (100+ sessions!)

Video coaching available video analysis technology. We will shoot the footage from the beach, water and or surfboard and analyze and improve your surfing.